Smokeless Coal Pallet


  • Over 30 hours on burning per 20kg bag!
  • Free large net of kindling per order
  • It may cost more but it lasts a lot longer than other
  • High heat put keeping you warmer for longer
  • Less fuel needed to reach optimal heat
  • 1 tonne pallet containing 50 20kg bags for easy lifting



Full smokeless coal pallet

Welcome to Richard’s fuels, here we have our top rated smokeless fuel suitable for burning on multi fuel stoves and open fires. But wait, why should you choose this one over all the other fuels on the market (even the cheaper ones)

Simple! Over the years I have personally tried many different fuels on my own stove. So rather than wasting time and money trying to find the best fuel for your multi-fuel stove, I have done the hard frustrating work for you.

Lets face it, buying a full pallet of any coal isn’t a cheap purchase. Our products may be more expensive initially compared to some, but over 30 hours of burning time per bag… it offers a substantial saving over cheaper, faster burning alternatives.

How do we deliver your smokeless fuel?

Once you have placed an order with us we will contact you to arrange a day and time for your delivery that suits you. Since we use our own delivery vehicles,  we have full control on when  we can deliver your products.

Unlike other companies out there, we don’t just leave the fuel at the end of your driveway or on the kerb for you to struggle and move yourself. Your delivery will be made in a standard size van, which can fit up most driveways. This means we can place the fuel either directly into your garage or anywhere else you like. Saving you countless hours of hard work and stress worrying how to move it. 

How many 20kg bags of coal are on a pallet?

With our 1 tonne pallet of smokeless coal you get 50 bags each weighing 20 kg. Every 20kg bag of our smokeless coal, will give you roughly 30 hours of burning time if your airflow on your stove is set to low / medium. 

Our products may be more expensive initially but over the long run it offers a substantial saving over cheaper alternatives

Is smokeless coal being banned?

No, smokeless coal is not being banned in the UK. Only ordinary household coal dug straight from the ground will become banned. Some existing (cheaper) man made ovals have been and will also be banned, due to not meeting regulations.

However with our smokeless products you can rest assured they will be available to buy for many years to come.

Additional information

Weight 1000 kg