• 50kg Open Sack.
  • The fuel has been screened to remove slack.
  • A top quality housecoal.
  • High heat output.
  • Low levels of ash – no more than 2%.
  • Easy to light.
  • Not suitable for use in Smoke Controlled Areas.


Premium Colombian Housecoal Trebles are the top of range of traditional housecoals available. Colombian coal is known for it’s high heat output and minimal ash and is renowned for being one of the best quality housecoals available. Most cheap coal is of a much lower quality, however we are bucking the trend and supplying only the fuels that we know you’ll like.

The term trebles relate to the size of the coal, not the quality. Trebles are larger in size, around 50-90mm in size. As they are larger in size they should burn for a longer time when compared to the smaller coal.

Not suitable for use in Smoke Controlled Areas.